Discovery Of The Omniverse

Is the Omniverse real or is it science fiction?

In the end what started out as a book entitled “Extraterrestrials & the Law” for Oxford University Press emerged as the scientific hypothesis of the dimensional ecology of the Omniverse, published in 2014 as the book The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse.8

History of Science overview of the Omniverse
The Universe, the Multiverse, and the Omniverse.

In founding the science of Exopolitics, my 2000 book Exopolitics: Politics, Government & Law in the Universe established the principle that our Universe is highly populated and organized by intelligent civilizations.

Universe – If we go back in ordinary conventional history (3500– 3200 BC), it was the Sumerian astronomers and cosmologists that codified the concept of our “Universe” in science as a discrete, organic, holographic creation of time, energy, space, and matter including multiple timelines and an ecology of dimensions.

Multiverse – The next conceptual advance was that of the “Multiverse”, a term coined in 1895 by American psychologist and philosopher William James and historically coming to mean the totality of all Universes, encompassing all time, energy, space, and matter.

As I reported in my two prior books on The Omniverse, two Stanford scientists developed an estimate of the actual number of physical universes of time, space, energy, and matter there are in the Multiverse. That number is so large that if one wrote it out in 12-point type, the number itself would be more than 260 million miles long.

Omniverse – The Omniverse – as the integrated whole of the (1) Multiverse plus,

(2) the Spiritual dimensions including,
(a) the intelligent civilizations of souls, (b) Spiritual Entities, and
(c) Source [God],

was first formally proven in 2014 in two independent science- based books, respectively by David Bertolacci and by Alfred Lambremont Webre.

Scientific discoveries are often simultaneously made in different parts of Earth by different people and the discovery of the Omniverse is such an example.

A key discovery of my 2014 book The Omniverse is that Omniverse itself can be proved, by replicable science and the law of evidence, to exist as the sum of the Multiverse plus Spiritual dimensions consisting of an Interlife, intelligent civilization of souls, Spiritual beings, and Source (God).

The Science of the Omniverse

Omniverse = Multiverse (All Universes) + Spiritual Dimensions (Souls + Spiritual Beings + Source/God)

As a result of our conceptual breakthrough, a new science-based term now exists – the Omniverse – defined as (1) the totality of all Universes in the Multiverse, encompassing all time, energy space and matter, plus (2) the Spiritual Dimensions, including the intelligent civilization of Souls, Spiritual Beings, and Source (God).

We can map the Omniverse and prove its existence using the law of evidence because we now have replicable scientific empirical evidence for the Spiritual Dimension that is gathered by the same rules of the scientific method as the empirical evidence for time, space, energy and matter.

Source (God) in the Omniverse

There now exists replicable empirical prima facie evidence that confirms some essential aspects of what major historical, social, spiritual, and religious traditions have taught about the nature of Source (God).

This evidence informs us that the Source (God) of the Omniverse consists of the totality of the spiritual dimension.

God has empirically been found to comprise the totality of:

  • the intelligent civilizations of souls, plus
  • the intelligent civilizations of spiritual beings, and
  • the Source (God) itself.

This collective entity of the Spiritual dimensions has been empirically found to be responsible for the ongoing creation of the physical side of the Omniverse, known as the Exopolitical dimensions. A core mission of the dimensional ecology of the Omniverse appears to be the creation and development of souls and spiritual beings in the Spiritual dimensions. The intelligent civilizations of souls and of spiritual beings, along with Source (God), collectively create and maintain the totality of the universes of time, space, matter, and energy in the Exopolitical dimensions (the Multiverse).

The purposes of the dimensional ecology of the Omniverse include the facilitation of multidimensional development and moral growth of souls in all dimensions of the Omniverse, through a variety of activities.

Souls based in the spiritual dimensions incarnate as intelligent entities in the Exopolitical dimensions, and by acquiring the moral experience of life, for example, as an Earthling human, can advance their individual soul development.

The soul is a holographic fragment of Source (God) and, by advancing its development, advances the development of the collective spiritual dimension itself.

Thus, in our study of intelligence in the dimensional ecology surrounding our Earth, for example, we can document and examine how the different types of entities and beings of the Spiritual dimensions interact with the Universes of the Multiverse, and with the intelligent entities in each of the Universes, and on particular on our Earth.

Souls, Spiritual Entities (Angels, gods, spiritual entities) and Source also interact in the Earth dimensional ecology.

We now have access to data bases of over 7000 replicable cases of Soul memories of the Interlife via hypnotic regression that along with other replicable data (including ITC-Instrumental Transcommunication and reincarnation studies) have allowed us to construct an active model of the dimensional ecology by which souls, spiritual entities and Source interact with individuals, intelligent species, planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes in the multiverse they create, maintain and evolve within as Souls incarnated into biological avatars in the Universes of the Multiverse.

We have proven the dimensional ecology of the Omniverse Hypothesis – A reasonable observer can conclude that prima facie empirical evidence supports the dimensional ecology of the Omniverse hypothesis.

The dimensional ecology of the Omniverse Hypothesis

This hypothesis holds that we earthlings live in a dimensional ecology of intelligent life that encompasses intelligent civilizations based in parallel dimensions and universes in the multiverse as well as souls, spiritual beings, and Source (God) in the spiritual dimensions. Together, the Exopolitical dimensions and the spiritual dimensions form the Omniverse.

The totality of the spiritual dimensions (souls, spiritual beings and God) function as the source of the universes of the multiverse.

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