Time Screen: The 50-Year Secret Chronogarchy Plot to Balkanize America by Alfred Lambremont Webre (Author)

In his new book Time Screen (2023), futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre exposes a 50-year unlawful secret Chronogarchy plot to Balkanize America and disassemble the Constitution of the United States of America through covert social engineering. Alfred recounts his 1971 meeting with the Top Secret DARPA CIA time travel unit in 1971 after DARPA-CIA time-travelled his landmark book Exopolitics from 2005 back to 1971 using classified quantum access technologies. Continuing the disclosure narrative, Alfred reveals a stunning January 1977 staff meeting with Stanford Research Institute futurist Director Willis Harmon who at the time had a 50-year Alternative Futures Study with the US Central Intelligence Agency, which had just time-traveled Alfred’s books back from 2005 back to 1971. Willis Harmon took Alfred, who had just joined the SRI futurist staff aside, and told him of the future Balkanization of the USA, “Alfred in the Future, the United States of America will break up into many regions.” Not only did the DARPA CIA time travel Chronogarchy foreshadow a future unlawfully caused Balkanization of USA, but U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald J. Trump, and Joseph Robinette Biden would be pre-identified and groomed on a common consensual policy by the DARPA-CIA Chronogarchy secret Presidential Time Travel preidentification program.

Taking the January 6, 2021 U.S. House of Representative Hearings as a point of departure, Alfred’s new book focuses on many of the structural signs of a possible coming Chronogarchy time travel manufactured Balkanization of the United States of America, including the 2022 adoption by the Texas State Republican Party of a plank calling for the secession of Texas from the United States, and a recent poll showing that a plurality of Trump voters in Trump leaning states favor secession from the Unites States of America – “About 33% of Trump voters in so-called red states say they’d personally fare better if their state ‘became an independent country.’”

With a publication date of July 4, 2023, Alfred’s new book will present solutions for the body politic of the United States of America so that the positive American Experiment does not fall victim to covert, time travel predicted projections of the Chronogarchy.

Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe

About Author Alfred Lambremont Webre

Futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre is a change agent whose principal activities are (1) founding the science of Exopolitics through his 2000 book Exopolitics, (2) discovery of the Omniverse 2014 as the 3rd major cosmological body after the Universe and the Multiverse through which humanity understands the cosmos, as set out in his 2014 book DEO: Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse, (3) promulgation of the Positive Future Equation [PFE] though which humans co-create a positive future on planet Earth, published in his 2017 book My Journey Landing Heaven on Earth, (4) public exposé in his book Chronogarchy, of an interdimensional hidden power structure monitoring the time-space of Earth as its domain of influence, and operating as a secret government using quantum access Time Travel technologies to carry out its operations and mandates, (5) A Revelation on the Life and Teachings of Jesus (2022), and (6) a public exposé of the 50-year secret Chronogarchy plot to Balkanize America in his book Time Screen (2023).

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